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At Avanti physical therapy, we are committed to helping you move forward and optimize recovery with customized treatment for all of your pelvic and orthopedic needs.

Serving Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, we focus on pelvic health and orthopedics using skilled manual therapy, active exercise and Pilates.

Pelvic rehab can be for you if you are a new mom who is experiencing incontinence with coughing, a woman who cannot enjoy sexual intercourse due to pain, or having bowel and bladder problems. Please follow the link to the contact page to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

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    Giusi M. Tsaousis, PT, DPT, PCES, NCPT, SFMA Are you someone who takes many trips to the bathroom?  Did your bladder seem full?  Do you get the urge to urinate more than once per hour?  When you go, do you urinate for 1 minute or do you urinate for 5 seconds?  How full was your…

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